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New Report: Georgia Trucking Companies May Evade Safety Oversight

A recently released report by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) addressing motor carrier safety, as well as a review by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, indicate that the barriers to starting a trucking company in Georgia (and in other states) is relatively low, and furthermore, that there are problems with adequate safety oversight of certain trucking companies.  These reports specifically address "chameleon carriers" - trucking companies that dodge safety reviews and

Do You Need Personal Injury Attorney?

Occasionally, someone who has been injured in a car wreck or in some other manner because of a third-party’s negligence will ask me whether they “need” an attorney to resolve their legal claims for personal injury.  My general response is that whether they decide to hire an attorney is eventually their decision, but that there are several risks and disadvantages they should be aware of if they decide not to hire a personal injury attorney.  In my opinion, the risks and disadvantages of

3 Reasons You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Effective January 1, 2009, Georgia law changed with respect to UM coverage in a way that I believe was beneficial to Georgia drivers.  Under the new law, Georgia drivers have three options for UM coverage:  (1) "added-on" or "stacking" UM coverage; (2) "reduced by" or "non-stacking" UM coverage; or (3) no UM coverage at all.  Under the first option, if you are the victim of a wreck involving a driver whose liability limits are not sufficient to cover your damages, then your UM limits should

Adam Ferrell Elected as Solicitor General of Pierce County

Attorney Adam Ferrell was recently elected and took the oath of office as the Solicitor General for the State Court of Pierce County, Georgia.  The Solicitor General of Pierce County is a part-time elected position.  The primary responsibility of the Solicitor General is to investigate, charge, and prosecute misdemeanor violations of Georgia law and county ordinances that occur within Pierce County, Georgia.  In that regard, the Solicitor General works closely with law enforcement and other